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Without getting into the technicalities you should know sna is faster and to be preferred. When there is no movement on screen, after a timeout of 1 second, a switch to low RR is made. When an event is related to a cpu id, perf ensures pmu methods will be invoked via an inter process interrupt on that core. The effects are pretty similar to the GPU bugs. The driver parses the VBT during load.

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intel i915 This tracepoint is called only if full ppgtt is enabled. That is not to say that the driver doesn’t alter it’s behavior to take advantage of the newer chips, just that it’s using the same core algorithms, particularly for things like memory allocation. For the exact parameter options, see source: This intel i915 force-removes any fence from the given object, which is useful if the kernel wants to do untiled GTT access.

This is great except when it stops intel i915. Normal register access will handle the forcewake domains automatically. Coffe Lake chip from Intel.

Return true if an irq storm was detected on pin. More architectural design doc is intel i915 on https: So far it is only implemented for Valleyview and Cherryview because hardware requires this intl be intel i915 before a page flip.


The implementation is based on frontbuffer tracking implementation. Currently what happens when a single host schedule request… […].

The context descriptor encodes various attributes of a context, including its GTT address and some flags. I came across your post when dealing with a similar issue. This is either called ingel fops for blocking reads in user ctx or the poll check intel i915 atomic ctx to check the OA buffer i91 pointer intel i915 check if there is data available for userspace to read. From the vGPU1 point of view, the total size is the same as the physical one, with the start address of its graphic space being zero.

You may be interested in the following links: Each platform has only a fairly limited set of these objects. All i and later Intel GPUs use intel i915 driver because of that. If an underrun is detected this is logged into dmesg. Intel i915 parser generally rejects such commands, though it may allow some from the drm master process. There are three categories of privilege.

drm/i Intel GFX Driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

Sign up using Facebook. On several platforms the CDCLK frequency can be changed dynamically to minimize power consumption for a given display configuration. Finally, the userspace is responsible intel i915 triggering a modeset upon receiving the hotplug uevent, disabling or enabling the crtc as needed.

On Fedora it is not used on Skylake and newer hardware. The driver parses the VBT during load. Determine the render context hw id, and ensure it remains fixed for the lifetime of the stream.


Next build the imtel against the latest intel i915 Intel drm-tip repository. When a bit field macro changes or gets added for a new platform, while retaining the existing register macro, add a platform acronym or generation suffix to intel i915 name.

history – Why is the Intel HD Graphics driver called i? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

intel i915 This entrypoint is used to fetch the current value of a driver-specific plane property. Note Intel i915 of this configuration can be found in the Discussion of this page. All of this bit 6 XORing has an effect on our memory management, as we need to make sure that the 3d driver can correctly address intel i915 contents.

Return zero on success or a negative error code. It would be inconvenient to split counters up into separate events, only to require userspace to recombine kntel.